1. Burger 200 gr.$0
(Veal, spicy veal, marinated chicken 24h or beef), french fries and egg
2. Burger 300 gr.$0
(Veal, spicy veal, marinated chicken 24h or beef), potatoes and Padrón peppers
3. Grilled veal steak$0
Veal steak, french fries, egg,homemade Russian and salad
4. Frankfurt super XXL$0
Choose your saussage, french fries and egg (Frankfurt, Cervela, Bratwurst, Pikantwurst)
5. Catalan sausages$0
(choose: Pagés or Roquefort), potatoes, egg and Padrón peppers
6. Grilled chicken breast$0
Chicken breast homemade Russian, Padron peppers and salad
7. Barbeque ribs$0
Inka ribs, french fries, homemade Russian and Padrón peppers
8. Argentinian creole hard pork sausage$0
With potatoes
10. Entrecôte Premium$0
Bovine selection in high mountain leonese pastures
11. Combo mix to share$0
Kentucky style chicken, Inka ribs, onion rings , french fries and bbq sauce.